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With extensive knowledge and experience,
we provide a wide range of teeth which
allows us to tailor to your exact needs and preferences

About Us

Ritson Denture Clinic

Christopher Hong, DD

Christopher Hong, DD

Denturist / Owner

Christopher is your own expert about all aspects of dentures, and proud owner of Ritson Denture Clinic. He will make friendly and comfy consultation about what your denture needs are (Free and no obligation) as everybody has different concerns and conditions of their mouth, so does the every denture - it's all custom made!

Chris graduated from Denturism program from George Brown College in 2010 with honours, and served Durham region ever since.

Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding your existing denture to be relined / repaired, or new denture to be made by him. If you are near by, simply come in and have a chat with Chris.

Christopher Hong, DD

Leah Hong, RDT

Office Administrator

Leah is the bright voice that welcomes you on the phone and the first welcoming face that you'll find at Ritson Denture Clinic.

Her clerical skills and customer serviceability result in smooth operation of the clinic on a daily basis, ensuring that the clients are well taken care of.

She is responsible for client scheduling via phone & walk-ins, processing insurance benefits claims, as well as submitting claims on behalf of our clients upon request.

What's Special About Us?

With extensive knowledge and experience, we provide a wide range of teeth (size, shape and colour) which allows us to tailor to your exact needs and preferences.

Our commitment is to provide the best materials to make sure our patients get:

Customized natural look, comfortable fit and functional dentures, following with after care advice.

Steps of Fabricating your Denture

Ritson Denture Clinic provides free consultation for clients to have any questions or concerns you have to be answered.

We are the denture specialist! Dentist referral is NOT needed to come to us.


We will take a confidential medical and dental history from you, and then assess your denture needs.

As you are very much involved in this procedure, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish.

Chris will let you know if any extractions need to be done if it's necessary at the consultation.

Insurance estimate quotes is available by submitting report to your insurance company for approval.


When the estimate quote is ready and you ready to start, we'll start the first steps of planning/designing your denture.

Dental impressions will be taken at this stage.

It would be necessary to have in average 5 appointments and 4~6 weeks to manufacture depending on the types of denture.

We require a 30~50% deposit before starting treatment in which, so you can divide up the payment until the denture insertion day.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit card and all major dental insurances. (Contact us for details)


Before any of our dentures are finished, we have to be certain that you are happy with them.

Our focus is on comfort, fit and function but also appearance is of the utmost importance.

A 'wax' model of your denture will be made for you to try in to check the fit and appearance.

At this stage, the teeth can be moved around and made to look more natural.

Once you are happy with the look of the teeth, only then will they be completed.


After your dentures have been fitted for insertion day, full instruction of proper denture care will be given.

Adjustment service is included for 6 months from the insertion day as an after care service.


Denture Service

It’s our commitment to give you back the smile and comfort you’ve been looking for.

Complete Dentures

Complete denture is made if patient lost all of the natural teeth to have full function and aesthetic again.

Partial Dentures

If only some teeth needs to be replaced, partial denture is the type to be fabricated to get back your smile.

Implant Supported Denture

Implant retained denture's retention is superior than conventional dentures, makes the chewing ability more stable and stronger.

Compared to full implants, implant supported denture is less pain and less economic burden.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate denture is made for patients who need to have denture right after teeth extraction for the immediate restoration.

The extractions is to be done by your dentist, we will take care of the denture part!

Tissue Conditioning and permanent reline will be needed after months from extraction date to update the fit from gum healing.

Repair, Reline, Rebase

Unexpected things do happen!

Cracked denture and broken/chipped tooth can be repaired.

Reline or Rebase will be done for loose and ill-fitting dentures to compensate for bone resorption so we can give you back the retention.

We perform all of our repair*, reline* and rebase* service at the lab onsite. 

*Service can be completed within the same day - conditions may apply.

Teeth Whitening

Thinking about making your smile brighter? Whitening trays on regular basis will help to whiten your pearls by removing the stains and discoloration.


Majority of dental injuries are very common during most of sports activities.

Custom designed sports guard will prevent oro-facial injuries.

House Calls

House call service is unavailable at the moment.

We apologize for your inconvenience.

After care / Denture Cleaning & Polishing

Sustaining the great condition of your denture is possible with regular checkup. Chris will check to see if all the function and comfort meet.

Over the time, calculus and stain can build up on dentures just like natural teeth.

And it can be difficult to clean them on your own - leave it to Ritson Denture Clinic!

Our professional cleaning and polishing will help them to look and feel better.

Patient Education

Rule of thumb of Do's and Don'ts of Denture care


How long does dentures last once it's made?


How long does repair service takes?


Comparison between Conventional Denture and Implant Denture


Service Guarantee


Our Office

It’s our commitment to give you back the smile and comfort you’ve been looking for.

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It’s our commitment to give you back the smile and comfort you’ve been looking for.

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